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Porsche Of The Day: 2014 Porsche Cayman Track Car

The 981 Cayman, introduced in 2013, marked a significant leap forward in Porsche’s lineage of sports cars, drawing ever closer to the iconic 911 in allure and performance. Its sleek, modern design represented a departure from its predecessor, with a longer wheelbase, wider tracks, and a lower profile, enhancing both aesthetics and handling. Notably, the front and rear underwent subtle yet impactful revisions, featuring sharper headlights, more aggressive air intakes, and a wider aero wing seamlessly integrated into the taillights.

Underpinning this evolution was Porsche’s innovative mixed steel and aluminum construction, reducing weight by 100 pounds while increasing torsional rigidity by 40%. Larger wheels, improved tires, and enhanced chassis dynamics promised superior driving performance. Inside, a redesigned interior boasted premium materials and intuitive controls, epitomizing the essence of a sports car cockpit.

The powertrain, a carryover from previous models, saw the displacement of the Cayman’s engine reduced to 2.7 liters, yet it delivered 10 more horsepower than its predecessor. With impressive acceleration and fuel efficiency, the 981 Cayman showcased Porsche’s commitment to blending performance and practicality, reaffirming its status as a benchmark in the automotive world.

Photo Source: Bring A Trailer