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Porsche 907 – Building a Racing Empire Part III

Porsche 907
Porsche 907 LH Coupé at the Hockenheim press launch in December 1967. Corporate Archives Porsche AG

The Porsche 907 has probably received the least amount of coverage of all Porsche’s 1960s ‘plastic prototypes’. But this lack of attention is unjustified, as the 907 played just as important a role in Porsche’s rise to motorsport stardom as any of the other successful Porsche racers of the time. Powered by an assortment of different engines, as most racing Porsches were, the 907 nevertheless delivered valuable lessons during its short racing life.

Setting the Scene

Although the Porsche 910 had punched above its weight in competition, it still lacked the speed or power to win the big races. Porsche’s successful transition away from the large diameter 15-inch wheels on the 906 to the smaller diameter 13-inch wheels on the 910, obviously agreed with Ferdinand Piëch’s overall plan for world domination of the World Sportscar Championships. Although the 910 had the shortest life as a works racer, it did soldier on in private hands, but Ferdinand Piëch was on a mission to capture that elusive Le Mans trophy.

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