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About Us

Stuttcars – A Porsche Obsession

Since its inception, Stuttcars has been obsessed with all things Porsche. From classic 911s and motorsports models to all the latest Porsche news, we try to cover everything going on in the world of Porsche. Our mission is to deliver this Porsche information in a concise, organized and engaging manner. Stuttcars is built for both the Porsche enthusiast, potential buyer and owner in mind. Obsessively covering the industry with the latest news, new car reviews, videos, high-quality photography and the most detailed historical information on the web as well as all the other amazing things Porsche-related.

Besides our website we also actively share content on social media and engage our fans to maintain an exceptional high level of engagement. Our key social network is Facebook, where you can visit our Stuttcars specific page as well as our Facebook Porsche group for all the ongoing Porsche discussions.

Stuttcars is part of A07 Online Media, a collection of niche communities in the automotive and motorcycle space. If you are looking to reach passionate fans, then feel free to reach out about partnership opportunities, including advertising, reviews or featuring your Porsche-focused business. If you’re looking to reach our engaged readers, check out our advertising options. You can even reach out if you want to become a contributor.

+ Porsche Road & Race

In 2021, Stuttcars merged with another premier Porsche website called Porsche Road & Race to create the ultimate Porsche destination. Porsche Road & Race is an online motoring and motorsport journal covering top-of-the-line Porsche road cars and Porsche motorsport. This includes the launch of new road models, detailed reviews of older Porsche models as well as comprehensive coverage of Porsche’s motorsport activities, whether by factory or privateer teams. Porsche wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for its early models. So you will find a healthy amount of coverage of older road and race cars because we believe this is important. These features will typically be longer as we will bring racing or model history into each feature, as well as interviews where relevant.

Most write-ups of a particular model will be well supported by interviews with key players in that car’s design and/or development, or in the case of a race car, the racing driver(s) and motorsport personnel. We are big on interviews, having interviewed race engineers, racing drivers, designers, production engineers, marketing directors, PR people, team owners and weekend warriors from all over the world who were in action as far back as the 1950s.

Our contributors have been carefully selected as the experience gained in their area of knowledge is key to bringing you, the reader, an informative and enjoyable feature. A couple of our contributors have spent many years at the sharp end of the sport with race teams, others are full-time working journalists and broadcasters, while we also have current drivers in the sport to bring you their stories from behind the wheel. Finally, we at Porsche Road & Race, are highly motivated by this superb marque and pretty much everything we do relates to this proud brand. So, pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and indulge yourself in some purposeful reading on your favorite subject…Porsche!