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Porsche 959 - The Full Story & Timeline

The history, updates and story behind the Porsche 959.

Porsche 959 Model Guides - Komfort Vs Sport

There were two main Porsche 959 models. The 959 Komfort is the core model that was sold, while the Porsche 959 S or "959 Sport" came with larger turbochargers that increased power output to 508 hp and higher top speed, as well as 100kg in less weight. Much rarer, the 959 Sport had a limited run of only 29 cars. Important to note is that official Porsche 959 production ended after the 1988 model year, but in 1992/1993, Porsche built eight more cars assembled from spare parts from the inventory at the manufacturing site in Zuffenhausen. All eight were "Komfort" versions: four in red and four in silver. These cars featured a newly developed speed-sensitive damper system and were much more expensive than the earlier units.

Porsche 959 Komfort
The most advanced Porsche of the 1980s and part of a new breed of supercars. It had an all-wheel-drive system with driver-selectable torque split, adjustable ride height, hollow-spoke magnesium wheels, tire-pressure monitoring, and a six-speed gearbox. Even though the engine was air-cooled, it used water-cooled cylinder heads and twin turbos operating in sequence. This level of technical achievement on the 959 was huge for Porsche.
For some context, the iconic 959 remained Porsche’s fastest production car for a cool 26 years (in its very rare S guise) before the company topped it with the 918 Spyder in 2013. Details on the 959 S are scarce; Porsche made just 29 examples of it, with the 2.8-liter flat-six engine featuring larger turbochargers and the company claiming an “official” output of 508hp and 413lb-ft of torque, over the standard 959’s 444hp. Top speed was 210mph.

Porsche 959 Special Model Guides

The Porsche 959 has a rich history. From prototypes, to race-build rally cars and purpose build 961 race car, there are several models worth mentioning. They all play an important part in the Porsche 959 story.

The idea for 959 was born as early as 1983 when this so-called Guppe B prototype was displayed at Frankfurt Motor Show. While there were glimpses of the contemporary 911 in the Gruppe B – the wheelbase, the roofline, the windows and doors, much of the interior – in truth the new model had little in common with Porsche’s perennial sports car. The production 959 ended up being launched in 1987.
The first prototype receiving those modifications was code named “F3”, and was destroyed in the first crash test. A total of 37 prototypes and pre-production cars were used for testing and press activities. Most of these prototypes were dismantled and discarded, but several managed to survive. In 1985, Porsche’s head of development Helmut Bott earmarked 29 930 Turbo chassis to be turned into 959 prototypes for testing.
The Porsche 961 was the racing version of the 959 supercar. While the 959 rallye car was also internally called 961, publicly only the circuit racer was called 961. Only one 961 was built. It had 959 prototype chassis number which in turn was from the 1985 911 Turbo chassis number sequence: WP0ZZZ93ZFS010016. The 961 was entered at the 1986 Le Mans 24 hour race. Uncommonly, the 24 hour race was scheduled for May 31-June 1 that year, two weeks earlier of the typical Le Mans weekend in the middle of June.
The 959 took both first and second place in the 1986 Paris-Dakar rally. For 1986, the Dakar Porsches finally got all the upgrades from the 959 project, including the active four-wheel drive system offering four driving modes adjusted by the computers. This gave Porsche a 1-2 finish, with supporting 959 Dakar engineer Unger Kussmaul crossing the line at sixth. Once the champagne had dried up, Porsche deemed its Dakar program accomplished.

Porsche 959 Data, Research, Parts & Brochures

We dig into some of the data surrounding the Porsche 959, including production numbers, specifications, chassis numbers and much more.

Porsche 959 Pictures, Galleries & Videos

There is a wealth of footage on Porsche 959s on YouTube, but as you guys know we like to pick a few key videos that we believe best give you a view into the Porsche 959 so that, if you find yourself with a spare million-and-a-half you can make a decision on whether this car is for you. From the first glance at the Porsche 959, it is easy to see that it is a precision instrument. The incredibly aerodynamic bodywork with its muscular flared edges give the impression of exactly what the 959 delivers from the moment you turn the key - a 911 turned up to 11. In addition to spectacular photos we have some great video footage of the 959, including recent reviews and high-speed POV action.

Porsche 959 News & Updates

Recent auctions, awesome review videos and all the latest news and posts regarding anything to do with the Porsche 959

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