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Porsche 959 – Sales Brochures

Sales Catalogs for the Porsche 959 supercar

Porsche 959 Sales Brochure2

Porsche 959 Sales Brochure

This is the original 1988 sales brochure for the 959. The 959 was produced in 1988 as a homologation for Rally racing. Tech specs included AWD, 2.6L twin-turbo engine producing 450 hp, and traction setting for dry/wet/snow.
0-60 mph 3.7 secs, top speed 197 mph. Only 283 959s were built. This is the only brochure produced for this super-limited supercar and it is only in German.

Download the Porsche 959 Sales Brochure

Porsche 959 Sales Brochure