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2024 Targa California Rally

Successful 15th iteration includes IROC group

Photo © 2024 Rex McAfee

The 15th Targa California rally recently concluded with most drivers logging 1,000+ miles over the roads “less traveled” of California’s central region. Porsche has a long history of naming their cars after yesteryear’s most grueling events (e.g. the Carrera Panamericana and the Targa Floria), and while this rally is by no means a race through the hills of Sicily, it is to some degree, a test of endurance, hence the name “Targa California.”

Ardent SoCal Porsche enthusiast, David Keens brought his Beck 904 flat-six rocket ship on this year’s Targa. Photo © 2024 Rex McAfee

Founder Dave Bouzaglou

Event founder Dave Bouzaglou knows his way around Porsches as well as anyone in Southern California. His vast experience in both driving and preparing the German marque is what gives him and his shop, TRE Motorsports, a solid reputation in the classic Porsche world. While some reading this may not recognize the name, Dave has built some of the most influential 911 Outlaws on the planet but likes to remain “incognito.” Imagine that in our Instagram-driven world!

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