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Porsche 959 – Equipment & Options Codes

Full list of Equipment & Option Codes Decoder for the Porsche 959

Porsche 959 Option Codes

Porsche Option Codes – Porsche 959

Looking to decode your Porsche 959 option codes? Want to know what those codes are in your Porsche 959 service manual? Then this is the post for you. We painstakingly researched all the Porsche option and equipment codes. The Porsche options list is really helpful if you are trying to research a used car and want to ensure you know what it is you are buying.

Porsche 959 Option Codes & Option Decoder

Below is a complete list of option codes with descriptions for the Porsche 959. Know the specific option code you want to find? Equipment codes can be searched quickly and easily by entering it into the search filters below.

Code Description
020 Speedometer with two scales mph-km/h
034 Version for Italy
061 Version for Great Britain
103 Shock absorber adjustment
119 Version for Spain
124 Version for France
126 Control and indications in French
139 Seat heating, left
225 Version for Belgium
298 Prepared for unleaded fuel (catalyst)
330 Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 46
335 Rear automatic 3-point seat belts
340 Seat heating, right
341 Central locking system
383 Sports seat, left, electrical height adjustment
387 Sports seat, right, electrical height adjustment
405 Level control system
407 Rear seats with static belts
437 8-way electrical seat, left
438 8-way electrical seat, right
482 Tyre pressure gauge
488 Stickers in German
492 Headlamps for left-hand traffic
496 Prepararation for Philips telephone
533 Alarm
573 Air conditioner
57U TT CARS material protection
593 ABS
651 Electric windows
900 Accession of the car at the factory
983 Leather front seats
Code Description