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Porsche 959 “Reimagined” tour with Bruce Canepa

Bruce Canepa Takes Us Through His Workshop & Some Amazing 959 History

The Porsche 959 upon release was the most sophisticated road car ever created. Designed by Porsche, the 959 went down in the automotive history books as an era-defining car which paved the way for many future technological advancements. Canepa has been known for 30 years for taking Porsche 959s and upgrading them in order to improve upon the original design. Now, after 33 years since the car was first introduced, Canepa now has created the Porsche 959 “Reimagined”, the Porsche 959SC. Armed with the technological advancements of the 21st century for better power, handling, and driver appointments, while retaining the charm of the original car first introduced in 1987, the Porsche 959SC is the definition of an era-defining supercar brought into the 21st century. Join Bruce Canepa, owner and President of Canepa, as he talks about the history of the Porsche 959, and why Canepa continues to preserve and enhance the platform through the Porsche 959 SC program.