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Chris Harris Drives The 4.0-Litre 911 RSK From Tuthill

Tuthill Porsche has earned acclaim in the rally world, transforming road cars into formidable rally beasts. Notably, they collaborated with Ken Block’s team on a Porsche 911 SC “Safari Rally Car” and partnered with Singer to craft the ultimate off-road 911: the Singer 911 ACS.

Their latest venture, the Tuthill Porsche 911 “Carrera RSK,” focuses on the 993 model, defying the typical preference for 930 or 964 models.  Carefully preserving the essence of the 993, Tuthill painted it in a striking Verde Francesca hue borrowed from Ferrari’s palette.

The factory-spec 993s are already powerful machines, boasting 300 horsepower. But why settle for that when you can have more? Tuthill added a full valve head on either side, resulting in a significant power boost, likely in the range of 360 to 370 horsepower. That’s a substantial increase for a car weighing just over 1,200 kg.

Chris Harris recently had the opportunity to drive this magnificent 993 perfection from Tuthill. Watch the video to see what Chris Harris thinks of this Porsche 993 restomod as he puts it through its paces around the circuit.