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Porsche 934/5 (1976 – 1977)

The Porsche 934/5 was effectively a hybrid of the Porsche 934 and 935 built to compete in Group 4 of the IMSA

Porsche 934/5
Porsche 934/5
1976 - 1977
10 units
3.0 L Turbo Flat-6
485 bhp @ 7,000 rpm
434 ft lbs @ 5,400 rpm
0 - 60 mph
~5.6 seconds
Top Speed
178 mph

Porsche 934/5 (1976)

In 1976 Porsche prepared a small number of 934 Porsches with 935 Group 5 parts for the Trans-Am and IMSA GTO series. In the end, the 934/5 dominated the Trans-Am series by taking to top five positions in the championship.
Ludwig Heimrath became the 1977 Trans-Am champion in his 934/5 by protesting Peter Gregg’s highly modified car. Together they humbled the Corvette C3s and the Group 44 Jaguar XJS. Later

Meanwhile in the IMSA-sanctioned 1977 Camel GT Challenge, Hurley Haywood placed second at the end of the season in the Bob Hagestad 934/5 as prepared by Franz Blam Racing. They were beaten by the DeKon Monza of Al Holbert.

Customers of the factory 934/5s included Jim Busby, Peter Gregg, The Interscope Team, George Dyer, Vasak Polak, Ciro Nappi, Bob Hagestad, Ludwig Heimrath, Dick Barbour and Clifford Kearns.

Porsche 934/5 Chassis

All the 934s were delivered, body-in-white, to several teams with the 935 wheel flares and rear wing. Only ten 934/5s were officially made by Porsche with the chassis numbers 9307700951, 9307700952, 9307700953, 9307700954, 9307700955, 9307700956, 9307700957, 9307700958, 9307700959, 9307700960.

Chassis 9307700952

This chassis number belongs to the second 934/5 to be produced and was purchased by Peter Gregg in 1977. It arrived in Jacksonville between February and March 1977. This car needed preparations in order to compete in group 4 of IMSA. The car did not meet the IMSA standards and was disqualified, however, Peter Gregg decided to enroll the car for the Trans Am racing series. Peter Gregg won the 1977 SCCA Trans-Am Championship with this car.

Chassis 9307700958

The chassis number mentioned above was the eighth customer delivery and was driven by Ludwig Heimrath in 1977 in the IMSA and Trans Am racing series. Heimrath won the Trans Am racing series with this model, which afterwards was converted into a Porsche 935. In 1980 the car was retired and parked in a warehouse in Toronto.

Chassis 9307700957

This car was the seventh to be produced, it was purchased for nearly $42,000 by Porsche-Audi dealer Bob Hagestad Racing. His intention was to participate with the car in the IMSA and Trans Am series. Hagestad was on board as a co-driver. At the end of the season the car finished with 10 podium appearances in 15 races and got an overall 2nd place in the 1977 IMSA Championship. Between 1978 and 1980 the car got upgraded to 935 specifications and took part in many races. Currently the car got restored to its original 934.5 configuration.

Chassis 9307700956

This model was the only one to be newly sold to a European customer. It has many features and characteristics making it a “one-off’.The car has participated in several races throughout Europe. The Italian Ciro Nappi purchased it in 1977 and raced it in the Giro d’Italia automobilistico but had to retire from the competition due to family issues. It was then bought by Dino Male who won two races in the Italian Group 4 Championship. In 1978 the car got sold to a German customer and appeared in many of the races in the season of 1979. In 1984, D. Goseny bought the car and sold it to Ian Kenney who completed a restoration in 1995. The car was afterwards displayed at concours events.