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Porsche 924 SCCA (924D) (1979)

These cars were designed by the factory to race in SCCA D Production Championship starting in 1979.

(1979) Porsche DP 924 – Ultimate Guide

These cars were designed by the factory to race in SCCA D Production Championship starting in 1979. The Porsche project number of these race cars was 933. Only 16 were built by the factory.

Porsche provided this “race car kit” in 1979 for the 924T (931) to race in SCCA D-Production. The 924DP (933) had a 185HP 2.0L engine, stripped body shell, factory roll cage, full suspension and everything except the fuel cell bladder, tires and windshield.  For around $40,000, you literally got a race-car-in-a-box, ready to assemble and configure.  (That’s about $120,000 in today’s money.)  The D-Production 924 was successfully campaigned by Al Holbert and others all over the U.S. from Holbert’s shop in Pennsylvania.

The main parts included:

  • 933 motor with 931 head and 11.3:1 compression
  • Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection
  • Intake manifold for Kugelfischer injection with quad throttle bodies
  • Oil cooler
  • Tuned header, exhaust, and megaphone (exit RH side of car)
  • 5-speed snailshell-type transmission
  • Race suspension including rear coilovers
  • Bilstein monotube shocks and struts
  • Reinforced A-arms and trailing arms (see below)
  • Components to lower car by remounting suspension
  • Heavy sway bars
  • 15×7″ BBS 3-piece rims
  • Solid aluminum mounts for engine, transmission, and suspension
  • Fuel cell

Project information

  • Internal factory number: 933
  • Launched on April 26, 1979, as Project 924/80.
  • US SCCA Racers – 16 total (1980, 92A0490001-92A0490016)
  • Designed and assembled at Weissach.
  • Assembly and tuning finished at Warrington, Pennsylvania by Al Holbert.
  • Jo Hoppen made kits available to competitors to convert their 924s into SCCA racers, valued at $45,000

The cars won the D Production Championship a number of times in the early ’80’s at the hands of experienced Porsche drivers like Doc Bundy. However, the SCCA discontinued running D Prod not long after, and the cars were instantly made obsolete. Except for some cars lucky enough to stay in D Prod trim thanks to running vintage, being in areas where DP was still run locally, or owners wishing to preserve the cars in original form, most DP cars were upgraded to GT3 specs and continue to race in SCCA and/or the Porsche Club of America’s Club Racing program.

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