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Porsche 911 SC Safari (1978)

In 1978 a pair of 911s were entered into the East African Safari Rally.

Porsche 911 SC Safari
Porsche 911 SC Safari
Model Years
2 units
3.0 L Aircooled Flat 6
250 bhp
0 - 60 mph
Top Speed
143 mph

1978 Porsche 911 SC Safari – Ultimate Guide

In 1978, the works team fields two 911 SC at the East African Safari Rally.

The 911 SC Safari from 1978 had a ground clearance of 280mm thanks to raised suspension, toughened floor, reinforced chassis and body, a bullbar at the front and rally lights too.

The name of game is to survive 5,000 kilometres of the toughest tracks in sweltering heat and torrential rain. The conditions take their toll: of the 72 starters, 13 reach the finish line. Martini Racing Porsche System Engineering signs on two specialists to drive: Sweden’s Björn Waldegård (Start No. 5) and Kenyan Vic Preston Jnr (Start No. 14). Their 911 SC cars are well equipped with a 28 centimetre ground clearance, very long wheel travel, an underbody guard, a reinforced body and a special suspension.

Despite the heavy Safari spec, a 110-litre fuel tank, 16 litres of water and 20 litres of oil on board, the Porsche is comparatively light at 1,250 kilograms. The 250 hp of the standard engine make the 911 a favourite. Waldegård leads at first but falls back with rear axle problems to finish the World Championship round in fourth place.

Preston Jnr seems likely to win in the final phase, but drive shaft damage relegates him to second place. This marks the third time after 1972 and 1974 that a Porsche driver finishes second in Nairobi. It is the last time the factory tackles the Safari Rally.

Model Year: 1978
Engine: 6-cyl. flat
Displacement: 2,993 cc
Power output: 184 kW (250 hp)
Weight: 1,250 kg
Top Speed: 230 km/h