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Ice Drifting In A Road-Legal Porsche 917K

The legendary Porsche 917 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show on March 12, 1969. Hans Mezger, renowned for Porsche’s flat-six boxer engine, led the development of the 917’s flat-12 engine and oversaw the entire project as lead engineer.

Initially unstable at high speeds due to insufficient downforce, the 917 was refined with the assistance of John Wyer from J.W. Automotive, known for their dominant GT40 Fords at Le Mans in 1968 and ’69. The redesigned 917K (Kurzheck or ‘Short Tail’) addressed these issues.

Today, many auto enthusiasts dream of owning their personal version of this historic race car, such as the 917cfk. Knut Markegård from Norway built this street-legal replica of the iconic Porsche 917 Le Mans race car and took it for some ice drifting action together with Tim Burton, the host of Shmee150 YouTube channel.

Watch the video to learn more about this amazing Porsche 917 replica and see how it conquers the icy terrain!