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My First 1973/4 Porsche RS/R

A trip down memory lane with John Starkey’s 1973 RS 2.7 Carrera

John Starkey, Sandra, and Mauro Borella
Monza in, I think, 1988. 0357 on the left, 0366 on the right. Both had been RS 2.7 Carreras that had been converted to RSRs. That's me on the left, Sandra in the middle and Mauro Borella, my good friend, on the right. (Photo-author's collection).

My first “real” racing car was a Porsche RS/R, which I bought in the mid-1980s.

Previously, I had done quite a lot of Hillclimbs in England with, first of all, a variety of Jaguar XK120s and then a 1974 Porsche RS 3.0, (911 460 9034), which was followed up by an Autofarm-built “clone” RS 3.0 (much faster than the original, with a twin-plug RSR engine). Those cars from Autofarm deserve articles on their own.

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